Frequently Asked Questions

Q:      Who is ClearBalance?

A:  Headquartered in San Diego, ClearBalance is the premier provider of patient loan programs in the United States.  Established in 1992, the ClearBalance patient-friendly loan program is now offered at more than 250 locations nationwide.

ClearBalance and its healthcare partners understand that many patients don’t have the means to repay their healthcare expenses in a single payment, but they are able to pay over time if given the opportunity to make low monthly payments. ClearBalance helps patients that may not have “room” on their credit card or cannot afford to pay the high interest rates found in many credit card programs. Through ClearBalance, hospital staff easily qualify patients for a loan that “clears their financial balance.”

ClearBalance delivers a significant return on investment (ROI) to  healthcare providers and is the ONLY patient loan program to offer a MONEY-BACK PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE.

ClearBalance offers numerous benefits including:

  • Providing patients with a low monthly payment option they can afford
  • Helping patients protect their credit and stay out of collections
  • Improving patient payment performance (statistics show consumers are more likely to pay a bank obligation than a healthcare bill)
  • Increasing net collections by at least 20%
  • Reducing A/R days
  • Reducing bad debt by 20% or more

Q:      Why is ClearBalance the best patient financing solution for patients?

A: ClearBalance is the only program that has the flexibility to meet the specific needs of each provider and its patient population.

Unique patient-centric benefits of the ClearBalance program include:

  • All patients qualify for a ClearBalance loan, regardless of credit score
  • No written application required
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Ability to make payments over time
  • Low- or zero-interest program (based on what works best for provider’s patient population)
  • No annual fees or prepayment penalties
  • Friendly, accessible customer service
  • Consolidated statements with the ability to add future services and combine accounts for patient and family members
  • Ability to make payments 24/7 by check or credit card, via mail, phone or Internet

Q:      How do you ensure that each patient is treated with dignity and respect?

A: Each patient that participates in the ClearBalance program is supported by a customer service center that is directly owned and managed by ClearBalance. Each customer service representative is specially trained to provide compassionate customer service and satisfy the unique needs of our healthcare clients. All calls are recorded to ensure that patients are treated with the utmost empathy and courtesy.

When patients have questions, they can call the ClearBalance toll-free number six days a week to speak with our trained team of customer service representatives. ClearBalance allows decisions to be made “at the desk,” by training and enabling its multilingual customer service staff to immediately provide solutions for patients.

Q:      How are you able to effectively manage the ClearBalance program to maximize collection rates and minimize defaults?

A: ClearBalance works very closely with its clients to ensure that the ClearBalance program maximizes patient participation, minimizes patient default rates, and ultimately meets the healthcare provider’s mission and goals.

First, the ClearBalance loan program matches the monthly payment obligation with the patient’s household budget. This ensures that patients will be able to repay their loan with a low monthly payment, helping to minimize default and improve patient satisfaction.

Next, the ClearBalance operations team thoroughly understands the challenges of healthcare revenue cycle management and is adept at employing creative processes that analyze patient account data to determine optimum funding strategies for each provider. ClearBalance will help each provider create a strategy that improves the revenue cycle – maximizing recovery and patient satisfaction.  ClearBalance will continuously monitor program performance and offer additional recommendations to ensure success.

Finally, the ClearBalance customer service model not only supports the company’s commitment to treating patients in a courteous, professional manner, but also guarantees a methodical, consistent flow of communication that maximizes the number of accounts to pay in full.

ClearBalance employs a series of letters and professional phone contact to routinely touch all accounts and ensure customers have the appropriate information with which to conveniently make account payments.  And, the ClearBalance customer service center is staffed more than 69 hours each week to handle patient questions and resolve any account issues; helping patients conveniently pay their loan in full.

Q:      Once a healthcare provider has elected to launch the ClearBalance program, how is that organization supported to ensure a successful implementation?

A: ClearBalance will assign a dedicated Client Solutions Manager to ensure a smooth implementation of the ClearBalance program. During implementation, the ClearBalance team will hold weekly meetings with hospital staff to explain best practices, answer program-specific details and review all performance reports – ensuring early successes. ClearBalance automates the data transfer process to minimize work for hospital staff and eliminate data errors. The ClearBalance implementation team will interface with the provider’s IT professionals to create an electronic data interchange customized to that client’s patient accounting system.

In addition, ClearBalance provides onsite training to implement the program and ensure that its clients are fully prepared to offer their patients an opportunity to repay their balance over time. All training is free-of-charge, including any “refresher” training that may be required due to staff turnover.

Finally, ClearBalance will provide customized marketing materials enabling staff to easily inform patients about the ClearBalance program. These marketing materials include patient brochures and display signage that promotes the patient loan program in Patient Access areas and other various locations. The ClearBalance marketing team also provides clients with a complete external marketing kit (including press release, background information, testimonials, etc.) to promote the ClearBalance loan program to the community. Please note that all marketing materials are produced and provided free-of-charge.

Q:      Will implementing ClearBalance increase collections?

A: Yes, for a couple of important reasons. First, the ClearBalance customer service center is extremely adept at working with patients to ensure they remain in the ClearBalance program.

Second, the ClearBalance program provides patients with a bank loan to repay their healthcare obligation. Studies have proven that patients are much more likely to repay a bank loan than a hospital bill.

Since statements are sent in the name of the funding bank, the ClearBalance program increases cash collections by 20% or more, as compared to internal payment plans.

Please contact your Regional Sales Manager (RSM) for more information.

Q: What about the ClearBalance money-back guarantee? What are the parameters, and how does a facility qualify?

A: Please contact your RSM for more information. Or you may contact Bruce Weintraub, vice president of marketing, at 858.200.9208 or