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The ClearBalance team brings not only a deep understanding, but also solutions for the challenges that out-of-pocket medical expenses pose for patients.  Further, our team understands the challenges facing patients who participate in the ClearBalance program—particularly the ongoing struggle of paying unexpected medical bills.

“Unemployment, higher deductibles and higher co-pays are creating a greater wave of self-pay patients, many of which cannot afford to make a lump-sum payment to meet their financial obligation for healthcare services,” said Mitch Patridge, Chief Executive Officer, ClearBalance

The ClearBalance Team includes:

  • Mitch Patridge, Chief Executive Officer
  • Janet Shanks, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer
  • Ray Freedenberg, Chief Risk and Accounting Officer
  • Bruce J. Haupt, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing
  • Jim Utterback, Director of Strategic Alliances
  • Laurie Heavey, VP Product & Strategic Marketing
  • Pete Thompson, Director of Client Solutions
  • Maegen Cordero, Manager of Client Solutions
  • Susan Helscher, Director of Operations
  • Craig Webster, Chief Information Officer
  • Jen Ingle, Funding Manager