About Us

Vision and Mission

About Us

Our Vision

We believe that everyone deserves good physical and financial health.

Our Mission

We will help consumers afford the care they need to lead healthy lives. We will help our healthcare clients provide sensible payment options.

Our Philosophy

At some point all of us are healthcare consumers; it’s unavoidable. What can be avoided is the anguish and stress people feel about healthcare costs. Whether complex surgery or an emergency clinic visit, the cost of healthcare often is top of mind. More than one-third of consumers avoid care because they think they can’t afford it. Together, we must help people when it matters most by removing the cost barrier to care.

Corporate Profile

Our Team

The ClearBalance® HealthCare team has more than 150 years of experience working in the healthcare and finance industries. We understand the hospital revenue cycle and the demands it places on your organization. We empathize with your patients struggling to pay for the care they and their loved ones need. Working together, we can make healthcare affordable.

Our Story

Patients are consumers who have a voice and choice in their healthcare experience. They expect financing options to repay their out-of-pocket costs and they’ll compare their financial experience with their friends’ experiences. ClearBalance® HealthCare has been at the forefront of creating a positive patient financial experience for nearly 30 years, always evolving to set and deliver a high bar for a patient relationship that is compassionate, convenient and keeps your organization top-of-mind the next time he, she or a loved one needs care. Keeping patients engaged to repay their medical costs also means we improve financial performance for you. ClearBalance features the only HFMA Peer Reviewed ROI Value Model™, which sets nationally recognized benchmarks for long-term patient financing performance. We maintain the industry’s highest repayment rate and ClearBalance health system partners see an average 260 percent ROI within 12 months.

Meet the Team



Mitch Partridge



Bruce Haupt

President and CEO


Ray Freedenberg



Chris Brazil



Craig Webster

Executive Vice President, Operations

Customer Success


Bill Beerman

Director, Customer Success


Lindsey Czapla

Director, Customer Success


Turquoise Owens

Director, Customer Success

Operations, Sales & Marketing


Michelle Tygart

Chief Compliance Officer


Grant Phillips



Laurie Heavey

VP, Product & Strategic Marketing


Christian Coburn

Director, Patient Experience Center


Michelle Meehan

Director Professional Services

Michael Bohaboy

Michael Bohaboy

West Region Sales VP

Tom Cook

Tom Cook

NE Region Sales VP

Vince Koch

Vince Koch

Midwest Region Sales VP

Jay Roche

Jay Roche

Central Region Sales VP

Jeff Stallings

Jeff Stallings

Southeast Region Sales VP

Board Members

  • Mitch Patridge, Chairman
  • Bruce Haupt, CEO
  • Art Peponis
  • Harry DiSimone
  • David Roberts
  • Jim Utterback