If You Open the Doors, Will They Come?

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Slowly but surely, hospitals and health systems have begun opening their doors for elective, essential surgeries that had been shuttered by COVID-19 care priority. Understandably, patients have been reluctant to return, driven partly by safety concerns as well as new concerns about their out-of-pocket costs. The question then is: If you open the doors, what […]

How the ACA Has Spurred the Need for Patient Financing

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Available, Accessible, Affordable

By Laurie Heavey, VP Marketing March 23, 2020, marks 10 years since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law. Public opinion still is divided about the ACA’s results toward true healthcare reform. In fact, during the past decade, the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) has conducted 102 public opinion polls that show many views […]

Pre-service to Next Service Patient Financial Journey — Ensuring a Payment Path Ultimately Leads Back to You

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Money in Needle

By Laurie Heavey, VP Strategic Marketing Spurred by the need to treat the patient as a payer, along with continued calls for price transparency, more health systems are having the financial conversation earlier in the patient care process. Today, the patient financial journey begins with pre-service scheduling. During pre-service conversations, patients typically want an estimate […]

Excellent Customer Service Balances High Tech with High Touch

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By Christian Coburn, Director, ClearBalance Patient Experience Center When it comes to healthcare, consumers want and expect to be informed of options to pay their out-of-pocket costs. According to the ClearBalance® 2018 Healthcare Consumerism study, consumer loyalty is influenced by how early and how often you communicate with patients about their estimated out-of-pocket costs, their […]

Being a Community Leader Helps Healthcare

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In today’s society, health systems must serve twin goals for the community: fulfilling fundamental care needs while also driving visionary requirements for the community at large. In fact, health system leaders often participate and even spearhead strategic partnerships with local commercial and civic organizations to create the conditions for citizens to be as healthy as […]

Why the Two Payer Market is Important

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Most Americans, even those with insurance, struggle with their cost of care. It’s an unexpected expense. When we refer to patient pay, we’re no longer talking about those without insurance, but those who have insurance and still bear a significant cost of their care. When 81 percent of single workers have an average deductible of […]