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  • Peer Reviewed by HFMA
  • Black Book 2023

Don’t miss out on our latest insights into healthcare billing revolution! Dive into our new Doorstep™ white paper and explore how our innovative solution is transforming patient billing experiences, optimizing revenue collection, and enhancing operational efficiency. Unearth the advantages that Doorstep™ by ClearBalance® offers to your healthcare organization.

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How Doorstep Benefits Health Systems

ClearBalance HealthCare® leverages its proprietary payment and communication analytics to match the right payment option to the right patient, so they act quickly to pay their medical bill.

We collect an average of $.90 on every dollar financed — that’s DOUBLE what most health systems can recover.


Increase in patient payment


Decrease in collection costs


Reduction in paper statement costs


Reduction in call volume

How Doorstep Benefits Patients


Prefer to pay bills online


Would change their payment channel for a faster, more convenient experience


Would use a mobile wallet
for bill pay


Prefer text/direct message communication

We bring patients to your doorstep, engaging them when and how they want. Doorstep helps you improve the patient financial experience to positively impact your bottom line.

Seamless Patient Experience

Doorstep is branded to your health system so the digital experience is seamless for patients.

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