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Blog | April 24, 2017

Patient Experience Week — Recognizing Everyone Who Engages with the Patient

April 24, 2017 — Today marks the start of Patient Experience Week (PX Week). Conceived by The Beryl Institute in 2014, PX Week recognizes and encourages global efforts to improve the healthcare experience for patients, their families and caregivers. PX Week “provides a focused time for organizations to celebrate accomplishments, re-energize efforts and honor the people who impact patient experience every day.”

Most often these events and celebrations focus on the clinical side of healthcare. However, there is a growing recognition that the Revenue Cycle marks the first and last patient interaction. And this experience counts. An Advisory Board study shows that 65 percent of respondents say that clear, easy-to-understand bills would have a positive impact on provider selection. Making care affordable also factors into the patient’s experience. Our own Healthcare Consumerism study shows that 95 percent of respondents want extended payment plans to repay their cost of care.

So as we begin this week, kudos to our health system partners – and all healthcare organizations nationwide – that are engaging patients throughout the encounter. We are all healthcare consumers at some point, and it is for that reason that ClearBalance® is committed to helping people afford the card they need in order to lead healthy and happy lives.

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